Meeting Place of the PeopleFrench Cultural Expo

About the Expo

Meeting Place of the People (MPP) Inc. welcomes you to its first annual French Cultural Expo.

Join us from June 29th to July 1st in Mattawa, Ontario as we celebrate and learn about the French culture and history of the Mattawa-Bonfield region, and of Canada. As part of our opening ceremonies, we will undertake a historically inspired interpretation of a greeting between Samuel de Champlain, accompanied by Étienne Brûle and others, and the Algonquin First Nations. Help welcome them as they paddle up the Mattawa River to the Ottawa River and arrive on the shores of Explorer's Point.

This fresh new bilingual weekend of fun will feature French live musical entertainment and cuisine on Saturday along with activities for children and youth, a "Voyageur Show" for all ages, "Voyageur Games", "Community Contests", as well as a "Community Dance". This will be followed by Sunday celebrations involving local restaurants, museum tours and fun at the movies. Monday activities will focus on Canada Day Celebrations taking place at Explorer's Point.

The Expo will develop into a 2 to 3-day "Multicultural Food & Music Festival" in 2014 with an emphasis on the three predominate cultures in the area (First Nations, Anglophone, Francophone).

Photos provided courtesy of the Mattawa Museum.